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Ice Cream Topics extracts


The following are extracts from Ice Cream Topics Mid season 1958



Before leaving Hastings and its happy memories, we managed to look in at Dimarco Brothers' enlarged establishment in Wellington Place, famous for being the first "open front" ice cream shop on the South Coast. It was the founder, Lawrence Dimarco, who, many years ago, got tired of seeing crowds passing by to go to the sea, just round the corner, unable to get ice cream because of his small shop was packed. Why not put a fridge by the window, open it and serve more customers ? No sooner thought than done, and that window paid for itself at lightning speed. Of course, there was another attraction. Dimarcos’ ice cream was the first Scottish Italian ice cream ever introduced to the South Coast, and it created a furore. It has been published elsewhere that many a time, Londoners would actually make the trip to Hastings principally to enjoy that smooth and delicious ice cream: the sea and the sun were ancillary attractions. And if this is not a tribute we fail to see what is. Even nowadays, when that type of ice cream is at long last available in London and many other towns, Dimarco's is still mentioned. It gained the Silver Cup in I937, During the Hastings Conference, Lawrence indulged in an attack of Asiatic 'flu, and was not available to visitors. (You can't stop his jokes: he said that he'd never been to Asia and didn't see why he should be under its influence). So Michael and the rest of the family did the honours, saw to the busy establishment with its ultra-modern kitchen and perfect catering, and kept calling at the Conference headquarters to help in all sorts of ways.

Ice Cream Topics Preview 1963


Friends of Mr. G. De Marco, of York Place, Brighton, will be pleased to hear that following two serious operations at Brighton General Hospital, he is now well on the road to recovery. On the 1st October he was rushed to hospital and received emergency treatment and was a patient for two weeks. After only three weeks at home a further operation became necessary and Mr. De Marco was once again a patient. He is now home and taking it quietly on doctors orders and looking very well indeed. His only complaint was the fact that the doctor had ordered a strict diet for six months!

Ice Cream Topics Spring 1964


In Hastings and Hove there was for many, many years, a trinity of gentle, kind-hearted, charitable and progressive traders who were next to worshipped by all who knew them: Eugenio Demarco, Lorenzo Dimarco and Eugenio's brother Agostino. Within the last three years, they have left us for a better world, leaving us all with golden memories of their hearts, and of their enterprise in our trade. We are under a debt of gratitude, and thanks, to them, and not for merely a day or a year! Agostino died at the age of 80, after a very long illness in Italy and then over here, at the last of the shops he opened, No.19 George Street, Hove, Sussex, on the 26th February last. He first traded well before the first World War, as a high-class confectioner and ice cream caterer in Snarsgate Street, Dover, then moved to Pelham Arcade, Hastings. Later, he opened shops, each one better than before, in Kensington Gardens, St. James's Street and York Place, Brighten, specialising in rich Italian ice cream of the soft type so popular in Scotland, fruit sundaes and sodas. He had one hobby: photography. For over 50 years he specialised in taking photographs of relations, friends, shops, and houses and scenes in and around his native Picinisco, in S. Italy. He was one of the first to take up colour photography. And his one delight was to entertain relations and friends to a private cinema show, as he called it, throwing on a large screen enlargements of the scenes dear to them all. His very imposing funeral, on Monday, 2nd March, took place after a requiem mass at the Church of the Sacred Heart in Norton Road. Relatives and friends came from many towns on the South Coast and as far away as Scotland. Floral tributes were numerous and beautifully imposing. He leaves a widow, Maria Civita, and two sons, Giacinto (George) and Gerardo (Gerry). And we thus say Farewell to one of the most charming traders we have ever known, more than proud to have known him.

Ice Cream Topics Summer 1965


If ever a trader was generally mourned it was Dom Pia, of Maidstone, who died at the end of last May, only 54 years old, especially as he had recovered from a few weeks of illness and seemed his old self again, always bright and cheerful and eager to make family, friends and all others happy. The untimely end came quite suddenly and was a shock to all. It was due to coronary thrombosis. This cheerful soul was born in Prestonpans, Scotland, from Loreto and Gaetana, nee' Crolla, who hailed from Picinisco. He married Pasqua Crolla and had two sons : Tony, 29 years old, who married Diane Fabrizi, of Maidstone, last year (report and photograph appeared in this journal), and Peter, who is 17. His first shop in the South of England was at Shoreham; he then opened two shops at Eastbourne and then transferred himself to Maidstone, where he opened and ran a remarkably attractive ice cream parlour, etc., which soon had to be enlarged. Wherever he went he became extremely popular and highly successful, for the highest possible quality of goods and courtesy to all customers were his two business gods. Six years ago he won a Bronze Medal in the competitions . A few months ago he sold his Maidstone shop and was planning to spend a month or two in Italy on a holiday and then open afresh in Maidstone, but his intended stay with the De Marco family in Picinisco never matured. His funeral was very imposing indeed, and the wreaths - there were over 80 of these - were large and costly testimonies to the high esteem in which he was held. Members of the following families (in many cases the surnames are duplicated and even triplicated) were present: Faccenda, D'Ambrosio, Crolla, Di Ciacca, De Marco, Capaldi, Alonzi, Dimarco, Fabris, Cascarini, Margiotta, Gargari, Macari, Pelosi, Colombotti, Conte, Fusciardi, Morelli, Caira, Gizzi, Sasso, Di Paolo, Pedro, Nevi, Valente, Pugliesi, Pirozzolo, Di Vito, Pompa (Joseph) Nardoni, Zita, Lawrence, Tye, Beale, Wood, Sunnocks, Sothern, Birch, Niblett, etc.

His widow's cousin, George De Marco, of 11 York Place, Brighton, well known in Alliance circles, and one of the many who have written eulogies on Dom, ends with " I shall miss him very much indeed: he was great fun in any company." In very few years our South of England traders have had to say goodbye to three exceptionally esteemed colleagues: Eugenio and Agostino De Marco and Lorenzo Dimarco. And now death has robbed us of charming Dom Pia, who had all the good qualities the other three had. R.I.P.


We are taking the unusual step of publishing a copy of the letter Mrs. P. Pia, widow of dear Dom, sent to Pritchitt's Sales and Export Manager, Mr. J. E. Ogden, of Bognor, who had known Tony for many years, and whose letter to the bereaved family remains an exceptional example of regrets and sincerity.

27 Square Hill Road,
Maidstone, Kent

Dear Mr. Ogden,

9th June, 1965.

My sons and I should like to thank you and Pritchitt & Co. for your very kind thoughts and beautiful flowers on the death of my husband. I knew that you and Dom were always very good friends and he so much looked forward to your visits and "gossip," as you so aptly put it. Yours words of praise make me very proud of Dom, who was most happy in the company of you and men like you. Please find enclosed a photograph of Dom for the next issue of " Ice Cream Topics."

Yours very sincerely,

Pasqua . Pia.

Ice Cream Topics Autumn 1972


As we go to press we learn, with the deepest possible regret, of the sudden death of charming Grace Irene (Renee) De Marco, the beloved wife for nearly forty years of popular George De Marco, of 11, York Place, Brighton, 1, on August 13, at the age of 61. She had suffered from cardiac trouble for seven years but never lost her charming nature and love for work and customers even if she could no longer give her famous "fantastic parties" to relatives and friends and surprise them with all sorts of catering delights, both English and Continental, all made with a touch of genius. She was really outstanding. The Requiem Mass was celebrated at St. Joseph's R.C. Church which was packed by members of various denominations, mourning a sincere friend and an outstanding wife, mother and grandmother. Numerous relatives came from London, Cardlff, Hastings, Bexhill, Tunbridge Wells Maidstone, etc. while telegrams came from as far as Italy. The masses of floral tributes were as beautiful as they were numerous. Our deepest condolences to sorrowing George, children and grandchildren. It has been a great loss indeed, similar to that, only a few years ago, of his wonderful father, Agostino, who started and developed the three high class shops in Brighton and Hove and was the only dedicated photographer of our traders' scenes in Picinisco and Atina, etc. we ever encountered. He was one of the super-gentlemen of our trade, like his relatives Lorenzo and Eugenio Dimarco Peter Pelosi, Giovanni d’Agostino, Pia of Maidstone, Jimmy Fella of Weston- Super-Mare, Joseph Rocca, etc.


A well-known Hastings ice cream parlour owner died in January at the age of 72, after several months of illness. He was Mr. Eugenio Demarco, a widower since 1952.

Born in Picinisco in Southern Italy, he first started trading in Scotland with his brother and cousin Lawrence, a winner of the Silver Cup in 1937. But Mr. Demarco soon went to the South Coast, and after a few years at Dover, he moved to Hastings 25 years ago,

Although shy and reserved, he was extremely popular, and soon became liked by members of the Ice Cream Alliance and members of his local bowling club—where he won several tournaments.

The funeral of Mr. Demarco took place with a Solemn Requiem Mass. A large congregation contributed over 100 wreaths. He leaves two sons and four daughters.

Eugenio De Marco


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