11 York Place, London Road, Brighton, was purchased in 1946 for Giacinto De Marco and his family but extensive building work was needed before the family could move in. The plan (lower right) shows the layout of the shop as built (excepting a few minor details). There was only a small yard at the rear and the kitchen and ice cream making areas were very cramped and at busy times the staff had to be very acrobatic.

The shop served hot meals, cakes, sandwiches and snacks and of course, Giacinto's famous ice cream. As well as cones and wafers, there were specialities - sundaes, parfaits and banana splits made with fresh fruit, syrups, cream, nuts, chocolate and different flavoured ice cream. In one of the shop windows, there were painted plaster models of each of these delicacies.

by the eighties, the decline of London Road as a major shopping centre affected trade and when Giacinto retired in 1983, the business closed for good.

11 York Place - Brighton


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